Friday, February 18, 2011

Go Wisconsin!

If it can happen in Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere. This Union member in California is with you ALL THE WAY!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're Having a Baby!!!

Um, not me, it's much too late for that (thank god). My niece and her husband from Oregon were here and made the announcement at our family gathering this past Saturday. Due date is August 10th. This will be the first Grandchild for my youngest brother and his ex-wife. Actually the first Grandchild for this side of the family.

I have so much crochetting to do and baby clothes to make!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Obama vs O'Reilly

Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, you have to admire his agreeing to be interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News last Sunday. O’Reilly was his usual arrogant, classless, and disrespectful self, while Obama displayed elegance and enormous dignity and succeeded in making it look like he didn’t notice O'Reilly' Personally, I wouldn’t have had the patience to sit politely by while Bill O’Reilly attempted to publicly insult my intelligence but then again, I'm never going to run for an elected office.

By far, my favorite moment was when O’Reilly asked the President if it bothered him that so many people hate him (although he should have added “…simply because you’re black”), the President’s reply was priceless:

"The people who dislike you don't know you. The folks who hate you, they don't know you." He also added, "What they hate is whatever funhouse mirror image of you that's out there. They don't know you. And so, you don't take it personally."

How many of us were told the same thing by our parents while growing up? (and I can see the President and First Lady saying the same thing to their kids). That’s one of the reasons I admire our President so much, he’s REAL and not afraid to show it. Yes, there are many things I’m upset with him about at the moment but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s pretty much unflappable, a genuine person to the core.

And perhaps, for the first time ever, Bill O’Reilly told the truth about something when he went on to say that extreme rhetoric would continue to thrive, because "there's a lot of money to be made if you can polarize people." So that means that he (and Beck & Limbaugh & Coulter & Hannity) know exactly what they are doing. Not surprisingly, there lies the big problem: it's always been about money, not what's necessarily best for the country - or what the real truth is, for that matter. It's about lining your pockets. I think it was Frank Zappa who said the US would be destroyed by Americans only too happy to sell their country down the road for a profit.

In the end, O'Reilly wasn't trying to get knowledge to share with his audience. He was trying to "get" the President and the President refused to play the game. To say the President was the better man doesn't even begin to cover it.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Ain't Technology Grand?

During lunch this afternoon, I organized a family dinner at our house this Saturday. Our Niece and her husband are here from Oregon for a week and it's the only day we can all get together as a family. Then, I organized and planned our annual family reunion for my step-side of the family in June. It's always food themed: last year it was Mexican, the year before BBQ, etc. This year everyone voted for Italian (we're doing paella).

From the comfort of my office, I send out emails and get instantaneous replies (of course, everyone of my family peeps has an iPhone or a Blackberry). Still, it sure is a time-saver and technology never ceases to amaze me!

That's my two cents for the day. Now I'm off to a Dr's appt.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Facebook: the Newest 'Big Brother'

I'm (still) so glad I’m am not on Facebook.

Apparently, founder Mark Zuckerberg has gotten the bright idea to make Facebook users’ current address and mobile-phone numbers PUBLIC without getting their permission. Thankfully, two members of Congress took notice -- the Republican & Democratic co-chairs of the Congressional Privacy Caucus -- and have sent him a letter asking for a lot more detail about his plans.

Think about it: by using Facebook, you may be giving up every aspect of your personal right to privacy just to drone on about –and let’s face it - the most mundane events in your life. Facebook users willingly put up with this invasion of privacy because it’s fun, convenient, and cool. It doesn’t bother them that soon there will be absolutely no privacy and that every aspect of everyone’s life will be monitored. Anyone remember HAL?

It got me thinking about those wonderful insurance companies out there, the ones looking out for our best interests when it comes to our health. You know what I’m talking about, the ones who want to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, even newborn babies and children; the ones who decide whether you live or die by paying or not paying for your cancer treatment drugs; the ones who decide whether to pay or not pay for ANY lifesaving treatment.

So, consider this scenario: these same wonderful insurance companies monitoring social web sites, like Facebook, to spy on their customers. Is that person drinking? Is that person smoking? Are they living the healthiest lifestyle they can? Are they partying too much? Eating too much fast food or red meat? And, given how these same insurance companies want to rule the world - for profit of course - does anyone doubt they will take this and run with it as far as they can? And that's only one industry, one aspect of what's happening and what's going to take place.

Nope, I'm not missin' a thing by not using Facebook. It will be interesting to see how much autonomy, privacy, and “freedom” people have 5 years from now.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Looking in my freezer last night I was embarrassed: I found 11 bags of frozen cranberries that I don't remember putting there. OK, I remember putting aside a few bags, but 11? It never fails, in the middle of July I get a hankering for some cranberry relish or chutney and we can't get frozen cranberries out here after Christmas, so I have to have my stash.

Digging a little more, I also found 5 bags of peeled frozen bananas. You know, when they ripen perfectly for banana bread but you can't drop everything and bake at that exact moment? I usually peel them and put 4-5 in zip-lock freezer bags so they'll be ready when I'm ready for them.

And finally, right there, hiding under the Garden burgers (yes, but that's another post when I'm ready to talk about it), I find 4 bags of cooked and skinned chicken breast. Mr itsme & I can't finish the store-bought rotisserie ones by ourselves, so I cut up what's leftover and freeze for soup. These were freezer-burned (and now you have a pretty good idea of how long it's been since I made chicken soup) and into the trash they went.

Hoarding. I never knew I had it in me.

Punxsutawney Phil

Well, the furry fellow peeked out from his warm and comfy groundhog hole and didn't see his shadow so that means we're in for an early Spring this year. Don't know if that helps the middle and eastern part of the country right now, but hang in there friends, sunshine is on the way. And pollen and humidity and record scorching temperatures. Yessiree, a few things to really look forward to.