Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I'm a day early but I've got 4 pies to bake this afternoon - 2 pumpkin, 2 apple. Made my cranberry sauce last night and all the cookies "the kids" expect when they arrive. I've got my lemon bundt cake (and vanilla ice cream) at the ready too. Thanksgiving is all about the desserts for me since I'm a baker.

I was going to "do it all" this year but decided to let family help out. Why make myself crazy? Husband will do his famous deep-fried turkey (no, it's not greasy); my youngest brother & his better half will bring salad; niece & nephew-in-law from Oregon are making the sweet potatoes and bringing our NEW BABY to his first Thanksgiving feast; other niece & fiancée are making Guy Fieri's garlic mashed potatoes; ex-SIL & husband are bringing the appetizers (yes, we are a civilized bunch). I will complete the menu with my legendary sauteed brussels sprouts, turkey gravy and Mom's apple-sage dressing. Some cousins and dear friends will join us around our table again this year too.

I'm thankful for all the blessings, expected and unexpected, our family has received this year. I'm thankful we can gather together and enjoy one another's company - and like it. No matter what life throws our way, we will always have each other, and no one and no thing can ever take that away.

I'm thankful for my blog friends as well, although we will probably never meet, you are an important piece of the puzzle that is my life. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you are able to spend it with people who mean the most to you. Take care.