Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Obama/Romney Debate

Why so much focus on who was the better debater? It was one night. Have we really become a nation so feeble minded that our vote is cast to the candidate that performs the best on television? Simple research will demonstrate where the candidates stand on the issues important to you plus you can view their accomplishments or failures in office. For me, this is the route I take prior to any election; it would be irresponsible if I allowed any news network, poll or pundit's comments to influence my decision. It is laughable that in this age of instant information how many prefer to be spoon fed and rely on surface observation to render such an important decision as who will lead us during the next four years.

Romney’s performance was definitely the stronger of the two but I’m not worried. It's the first one where you can lay out your plans. I think Obama was smart to let Romney play all his cards on purpose; it's also the best way to combat your opponent. Let them have the first round so that they will be over confident, then use the information you gather against them. It's smarter than giving away all of your information in the beginning for them to use against you. Debate "performance" doesn't mean squat unless you're not really interested in the issues. I'll take Obama's substance over Romney's "performance" any day of the week.

That being said, Mitt Romney should pick a lie and stick to it. Is he the guy who wants to end Medicare or the guy who wants to spend more money on Medicare? Is he the guy who wants to control my vagina or the one who believes that government shouldn’t be making healthcare decisions? Is he the guy who thinks that 47% of Americans are victims or the guy who thinks that tax cuts for the wealthy are a bad idea? Is he the guy who wants to work on day one with Democrats in Congress or the guy who on day one wants to reverse everything the Democrats accomplished? Is he the guy who likes Big Bird or the guy who will fire Big Bird?

Romney wins October 3rd
Obama wins November 6