Friday, March 18, 2011 Works

When I was about 10 years old, my Mom told me of the son she had when she was 18 years old and had placed for adoption. She told me where he was born and what adoption agency he was placed with. At that young age, I really didn't understand the enormity of what she was telling me and pretty much put it out of my mind until I got to high school.

I began wondering about this half-brother of mine, out there somewhere. Was he looking for us? Did he hate Mom for what she did? Would he be happy to know he had a younger sister (he would have been 5 years older than me) as well as another younger brother? I had so many questions. I started a search to find him through an online adoption website without success. When I had no luck, I began to think because of his age group, maybe he had been killed in Viet Nam.

Of course we didn't have the research tools available to us then like we have today, so when I heard about a number of years ago, I immediately registered and began building a family tree and made it available for anyone to view. Hope springs eternal.

Fast forward to March 10, 2011. I go to my account and there is a message:

Hi itsmecissy!
I am conducting research on my family tree and came across the family tree you posted on Ancestry. I am exploring a possible link to the ---- family who I believe originated in ---- and then moved to ----. I was hoping you may be able to help me connect some of the lineage in my research. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Take Care.

I was curious but wasn't going to get my hopes up, so I casually replied:

Hi ----,
My Mother's maiden name was ----- and her family originally came from ----. My Mom was one of 10 children, 5 were born in ---- and 5 were born in ----. Maybe we are related?

We emailed back and forth a few days, exchanging startling information. Turns out this person was my nephew, the oldest son of the half-brother I'd been searching years for and he had figured out that my late Mother was his paternal Grandmother.

To make an already long story short, I have been emailing my newly found brother ever since. We've exchanged family pictures, he looks just like our side of the family, a "dead ringer" his wife of 40 years said. They have 4 sons and 1 daughter. I was so happy to hear that he had had a good life and a wonderful family.

Needless to say, there's been an ocean of happy tears (even as I write this) and lots of questions. We're going to have a family conference call this Sunday and will all speak together for the first time. Plans are already in the works to meet, possibly this summer.

It's been an unbelievable week. I wish Mom were here to see this. Somehow I think she planned the whole thing.

We're Having a Baby - Part 2

Got the call from my niece last night, it's a BOY! Dr said the little guy was not shy about showing "his stuff" during the ultrasound either. So far the name they've chosen is Dylan Michael. I've always liked the name Dylan. The name is of Welsh origin, and the means "son of the sea." The name Michael is from the Hebrew and means "resembles God."

Whatever his name, he's gonna be one spoiled little boy! I can't wait to meet him in August.