Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just got my "stimulus" refund


Money borrowed from CHINA so's we can all go out and spend it on CRAP made in CHINA to bolster the economy of CHINA (hope it's not in Yen).

Seriously, the only stimulus this will provide is additional income for the gas companies, as I continue to pay the gouging rates to go to my job to earn money for gas to go to my job to earn money for gas to go to my job to earn money for gas…

Thanks for nothing Uncle George, you shure is watchin out for us little guys.

See ya'll at WalMart!

Monday, April 07, 2008

The CSU is the Solution!

The California State University that is, but our illustrious Republican "No New Taxes" Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to cut $386 MILLION from the CSU budget. In a time of budget crisis there are MORE reasons to fund public higher education than not:

1) California's economy thrives on knowledge-based innovation; higher education is the key to a troubled economy; people with bachelor's degrees earn more and add more to the tax base

2) Every dollar the state invests in the CSU directly generates $4.41 in spending; add to this the higher earnings by CSU graduates, and the return increases to $17 for every dollar invested by the state

3) The CSU prepares the people who do exactly the type of work the Governor says we need - engineers, teachers, and nurses; of all degrees granted in CA, CSU awards 51% in engineering, 64% in nursing ad 65% in business. If too few Californians are earning four-year degrees, we will not be able to meet future trained workforce needs

In perspective, spending for the War in Iraq now costs $720 million per day, including deferred costs such as long-term care for the wounded and interest on our debt. According to the American Friends Services Committee, for just one day's funding for the war, we could provide health insurance for 424,000 children; put 35,000 students through a 4-year college; pay the annual salary of 12,500 new classroom teachers, or buy school lunches for 1.2 million needy kids.

And, imagine what $720 million would mean to the CSU?

(OK, off my soap-box)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just What I Needed

This past weekend was a three-dayer for many of us here on the Left Coast thanks to Caesar Chavez, so my husband and I took a 4th day and went to visit my younger sister and her family in Las Vegas, Nevada. This being our second trip there, we knew to stay somewhere off "The Strip" for a little more peace and quiet. We don't gamble or smoke either so there's really nothing attractive about The Strip for us and having already walked up and down both sides TWICE our first trip, we didn't even go there this time.

Besides seeing my sis and her family, the highlight was driving through the Mojave Desert and seeing Red Rock Canyon. Even better was being overtaken by an unexpected cloudburst with whipping winds and big fat rain drops falling from the sky. We rolled down the windows to catch the wet, sharp freshness that touches the soul and literally takes your breath away. Being an artist, the colors of the desert are like nothing else I've seen after such a rainstorm and I've already begun a new painting in my mind's eye. The various shades of pink, red, brown and white are amazing as are the desert plants: lupine, Indian paintbrush, sand verbena, sages & Joshua trees. We also saw a few Hawks & falcons patrolling the canyons and cliffs.

This is just what I needed. Quiet. Solitude. Sanctuary.