Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marriage Equality

When President Obama says his position on gay marriage has evolved I understand what he is saying. I can think of at least a hundred issues over the past forty years or so where my views have “evolved” and I’ve come to think or believe differently about something, it’s called growth and maturity. Personally, I have gone from having a mild tolerance of gays & lesbians to where it is inconceivable to me that they are not afforded all of the rights reserved for human beings under our constitution. A marriage is a union between two consenting adults, period. Sexual preference, race, religion or anything else should not matter and no one has the right to say otherwise.

To anybody who says that the President will say or do anything to win the election, think about what you are saying. This announcement may ultimately cost him many more votes than he will gain from the gay and lesbian community and it puts him in danger of losing certain swing states that are socially conservative. Note: He did not come out and say he is going to push for a repeal of DOMA, he just said he "personally" supports gay marriage. He is taking a stand on an issue that divides our nation. This was a bold and courageous maneuver that may have negative repercussions – anybody against marriage equality isn’t going to vote for him anyway - but it was the right thing to do. Bravo President Obama!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Are You Missing Some Bunny?

This little cutie is not the Easter Bunny (I frisked him for the chocolate bunnies I didn't get for Easter) but found his way into our backyard yesterday morning. Mr. itsme has a soft spot for stray animals and was able to capture it in our kitty carrier by simply asking it to "please hop in." To his astonishment, it obeyed. I've posted this picture on our local paper's FB page hoping the owner recognizes him/her and claims ownership at the animal shelter -- it was either that or let a car run it down, or worse, being mauled by a pitbull. A rabbit rescue group here tries to find forever homes for stray rabbits brought to the shelter -we've captured three others before this- so this one is not in danger of being euthanized. Isn't it a sweetie-pie? Just had to share . . . .