Monday, August 08, 2011

Childbirth via Facebook

We received an awesome addition to our family this afternoon, after 12 hours of labor, Dylan Michael came into the world today at 1:30pm. He weighed in at 8lbs 12oz and is 20.5 inches long. The fact that he's perfect and gorgeous is not the reason for my post.

Dylan was the reason I joined the "Dark Side" (Facebook) last April. Now I know I said I'd never do it but how can anyone keep up with family scattered all over the country without having Facebook? I still hate the artificiality of it but keeping in touch with the Younger Generation, who only text, tweet and "share their status" online can be daunting.

Since 2am this morning I've been getting fast and furious texts and reading posts on Facebook: my niece's water broke, we're on our way to the hopital, dilated 3cm, now 9.5cm, this is it, she's getting the epidural, they can feel the head, we're going to start pushing at 11:30am. I mean I felt like I WAS THERE! Not to mention that literally moments after he was born the pictures started appearing on Facebook (and I uploaded them all immediately to my Flickr account), as well as all the friends and family posting every minute. I actually got very little work done today, but don't tell my boss.

I have to admit, I am awestruck by the technology we have today. Technology that will probably be obsolete a year (or less) from now. Technology my newborn Great-Nephew will probably only read about and will later in his life laugh at as archaic. Texts & tweets will evolve into something else --- and I hope it's wonderful.

I'm happy and tired and teary all at the same time. My family is amazing and blessed, and always the most important thing to me; I can't imagine myself without them. And now this sweet wonderful little boy called Dylan has finally joined us on this planet Earth.

Oh geez, now I have to get a Skype account.........