Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Beer Summit

Finally, we have a President the rest of us would like to have a beer with, that all-American (male) bonding gesture. But 'Bud Lite?' I thought they were going to drink beer? (make mine a microbrew please).

I can hear the Press tomorrow "Did he have a head on his beer? Who took the first sip? Did anyone burp? And what did they drink out of? Did they clink their mugs?"

Jeez Louise!

LIGHT BULB just came on: maybe a beer pong tournament with Congress would help round up those Blue Dogs and get the whole healthcare mess resolved?

It could happen!

Sign Seen This Morning

"Some people are always grumbling that roses have thorns. I'm thankful that thorns have roses."


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"King of Pop" or "Wacko Jacko?"

Definitely the “King of Online Traffic” according to GigaOM that reported the second-largest day in terms of total traffic on its network. Akamai delivered more than 2,185,000 live and on-demand streams in both the Flash and Windows Media formats. While dreadful news for all Michael Jackson fans and music lovers around the world, his death is good for business, apparently.

I'll wager that more people have heard a Michael Jackson record or felt outraged about his private life than know what's going on in Iran. Needing a ticket for the memorial (many who won tickets never planned on attending, just wanted to sell the tickets), the merchandising, the constant media attention. Coming out of the woodwork are people that didn't really care that much, suddenly claiming to be 'big fans.' (Did Michael Jackson REALLY make Magic Johnson a better point guard???)

I never understood Michael Jackson. He spent his entire adult life trying to recapture a childhood (he claimed) he had never known. Why else would he have created “Neverland” and told an interviewer “I am Peter Pan?” I didn’t hate him; nor did I especially admire him. There were too many unanswered questions regarding child molestation. What else is there to think of a grown man sleeping in the same bed with little children? That bizarre picture of him dangling his baby from a hotel balcony still creeps me out. And the plastic surgery that ultimately deformed his face? I actually heard someone say yesterday on one of the news channels that his face was a work of art...yeah, if the artist was Hieronymus Bosch!

I do appreciate the contributions he’s made to the music and dance world. I remember dancing to Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad, and seeing him “moonwalk” for the first time on TV. He was the consummate entertainer and I have no doubt his legacy will be felt in the world forever.

Unfortunately, the media circus is far from over and we will be hearing more of the ugly, sordid details when the toxicology report is made public and the Jackson family begins fighting publicly over custody of his children and his money - I can't wait to hear more of what his doting Father has to say! Death does bring out the best in families doesn't it?

R.I.P. Michael, wherever you are.