Monday, February 27, 2012

An Evening With Rachel Maddow

This past Saturday evening, I had the supreme pleasure of watching Rachel Maddow walk onto the stage of the Morris Daily Auditorium at San Jose State University wearing black sneakers with bright blue stripes and pink socks. She was on the SJSU campus to receive the John Steinbeck Award. Presented by The Center for Steinbeck Studies, the award is given to “artists and activists whose work exemplifies values found in the writings of John Steinbeck: a concern for the natural environment, a commitment to the common people, and the courage to critique the contrasts between the powerful and the poor.”

Ms. Maddow is a local girl, having been born and raised in Castro Valley, California. She graduated from Castro Valley High School, received her bachelor’s degree in public policy from Stanford University in 1994, and her doctorate in political science from Oxford University, which she attended on a Rhodes Scholarship, as the first openly gay American to win a Rhodes Scholarship.

During the hour and a half interview with San Francisco KGO’s Pat Thurston, Maddow talked about her career in talk radio, hosting her own show on MSNBC, as well as a few political issues of the day like the Occupy movements, gay marriage, and the upcoming 2012 election. When asked what she thought made her successful as a radio host and personality, Maddow answered that it basically boiled down to her detail in explaining issues, rather than being the liberal activist many of her critics paint her as – but make no mistake, she is proud to be a Liberal.

My favorite quote was when she was asked what she thought of those who hate her and she said it comes from them not wanting to hear what’s wrong.

“I sometimes think that hate and that reactionary position comes from a love of country, you don’t want to be told that there is anything wrong…,” Maddow said.

The much too short evening was closed by the presentation of the John Steinbeck Award by John Steinbeck’s oldest son, Thomas, who said his father’s job was “to reconnect humans with their own humanity” and that his father would have been “absolutely fascinated and intrigued by Rachel Maddow and her role as a first-class observer and commentator of the political agendas that now embroil our country…”

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scary Picture of the Day

I don't need to say anything, you all know what I'm thinking already right?

OK, I can't help myself: he's giving up desserts (only for 40 days?) Having had three marriages and numerous affairs, this is going to be a real sacrifice for a man who likes having his cake and eating it too.

Calista says she's "giving up my opinion" (and blinking apparently). How about the account at Tiffany's and the Botox! Like all good submissive Republican women, first it's your opinion, then it's your shoes.

Of course, what else could they give up? I guess being truthful, having morals, intelligence, principles, etc., would just be too hard.

Fresh baked cookies for the person to come up with the best caption for this picture (you'll have to give me your address)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Randomized Thoughts 2/20/12

I know it's been almost two months since I've written anything, I had grand plans, believe me. Since the beginning of the new year I've had a few changes in my life - some good, some not so much. For what it's worth, here's what I've got:

Had a sleep study done in late December and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. My new best friend is now my trusty CPAP machine. Didn't take long to fall in love with the little guy (Fred as he is known). Trouble is I don't snore anymore but I still lie awake in the middle of the night jousting those night demons. Mr. itsme has had his own "Fred" for almost a year but he hasn't named it. What a pair of old farts we've become!

Speaking of Mr. itsme, he retired at the end of September 2011. It's been great. For him. I still get up in the wee hours and drive the hour to work. Nice thing, I make my own coffee in the morning and we're savings thousands of dollars by giving up Starbucks. I'm not jealous or anything (I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!) but he's having far too much fun without me.

I lost my only living Aunt this past weekend, she was born and died on the same date (I always thought that would look cool on a headstone). My late Father's only sister, we were blessed to have her in our lives for 85 years. All 10 of my late Mother's brothers & sisters are gone too. I remarked to my youngest brother after hearing the news, that we are the "old folks" in the family now. It's OK, if I leave this earth loved as much as she it will all have been worth it.

Our family is eagerly awaiting the birth of a new addition to the family, sometime in mid-March is his or her arrival date. The parents-in-waiting opted out of knowing. In April a long awaited Wedding - 11 years in the making - will be performed by Mr. itsme. I have promised to wear a dress. This may be a promise I cannot keep however, as unlike the Bride-to-Be, I'm having second thoughts.

The last bit of disappointing news of the year (if I put it all in perspective) is that my beloved 49ers did not make it to the Super Bowl. I'm not one to hold a grudge and rooted for the Giants, even though they were the reason we didn't make it. Who can hate Eli Manning???