Saturday, September 20, 2014

Space Jam Cupcakes

I promise not to make a practice of sharing photos of ALL the cakes and cupcakes I bake so just indulge me on this one. I received a request from a little guy turning 11 for chocolate cupcakes. His favorite color was red and he wanted a "Space Jam" movie decoration theme. After giving up trying to find ANYTHING Space Jam-related in the stores or online, I decided to make my own cupcake picks (I also realized why no one else volunteered to take this order.) I found a Warner Bros website that allowed you to copy small posters from the movie --- they retain the copyright of course --- and I found the perfect logo picture. So I copied 24 of them in color, glued a long toothpick to the back of each and inserted one into each cupcake.

I guess I should be happy the younger generation even remembers this classic 1996 movie and I hope he was pleased with the result.

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Pam Beers. said...

You are so clever.