Monday, August 12, 2013

This One's for Pam

Has it really been 5 months since my last blog post? Whew, time sure flies when you're retired. RETIRED you say? With all that time to do whatever your little heart desires? I'm here to tell you that retirement is tiring; how did I get anything done while working?

Before I finally decided to hang up library life at the end of December 2012, I started making lists about 6 months before (nah, I don't believe in Bucket Lists). I was going to give myself 3 months to sleep in, be lazy, be sloth-like, stop shaving my legs, go make-up free (for me that meant no mascara), throw out my travel mug and alarm clock, write more (ahh, best laid plans), etc.

Another list was about what I was going to get done: clean out household files & get financial affairs in order, clean out the pantry, my personal library, clean closets, and make a list of all computer passwords and keep them in one place. It seems the list was all about cleaning, decluttering and organizing.

My third list was about all the voluteering I was going to have time to do, thankfully this list has been a real source of joy and satisfaction. I'll be sharing more since I'm now back to blogging. Ya hear that Pam?

Check in and tell me how you are, all two of you. I've missed you. Take care.

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Pam Beers. said...

Thanks for the lead in your blog title.'re back.

Volunteering is a joy. It's so nice to give back. Plus, a volunteer does the job they've always wanted to do, can't get fired, and usually work the hours they want. Only pay.